Poem – “Love Holds the Stars Upright” – Romance – 2/19/2020

Love holds
The burning hotness
Of a five-pointed little thing.
You, as the star I discovered, in my universe of the infinite.

Arms wide, for the taste of the air,
And legs the same, for the allowance of my entrance.

Yet, I hold you upright,
Like an infant to be seen by a mother.
My love, you have eyes that beam upon me
The radiance of any star,
But, I chose you, because I came upon you
In the darkness.

Love cannot cool down,
Love cannot stifle its show of rays
Of this hotness
From your form, and from your sheer presence
Under the moon, where your tears used to soak
Your cheeks, for such will be no more.

No more sadness.
But, only sheer gladness
In the waking of my place upon Earth.
And, I will hold you upright,
My star, to see my scars,
In the twilight where we’ve ventured far.

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