Poem – “Love, by Sunrise” – Romance – 2/20/2020

We love, in the sunset.
What of the sunrise?
What of when I see you open your eyes,
Against the blue of a dispersing night?
And I see green?

Two emeralds
Deep in the fabric of our quilts and sheets.
This, I notice.

Two dotted portions of Nature,
Embedded deep in a face I’ve kissed
Upon numbered times.

We love, in the sunset.
But, what of the sunrise?
What of the moments, kept in so much awe
For the sunbeams that turn your skin into a shimmer?
What of it?

I can see it,
The happiness you had concealed,
When it was dark.
And beneath the covers,
It was darker.

Love can hold many hues and shades
In its moments.

Let us kiss, in this light,
For you are part of it.

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