Poem – “Grant Him his Fortune” – Romance – 2/21/2020

Grant what he’s yearned for
Beneath covers, bled for.
Beneath the petals and sorry smiles, he’s thrown after
A love he thought to grow
Atop stumps, as roses, and atop flat deserts
Where no wind blows.

Grant him his fortune,
Because, he’s yearned for it.
Tulips atop graves,
And daffodils atop waves.

He gained what is now a buried memory
In his mind, that was never his own kind.

A tortured dream
Has ruined him,
Beneath the covers, where cries and groans
Speak louder than his un-beating heart.
A living nightmare
Lives through him.

His eyes rain the petals,
And he wishes them to replace the surface of stone,
Of his tombstone.
Beneath the covers,
Beneath the veil
That shrouds his corpse,
He still weeps an endless rain
To no one’s attention.

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