Poem – “A Drawbridge to You” – Romance – 2/22/2020

A whirlwind is ahead, and overhead
My head, where dancing planets move on
To the great expanse.
All is a lost essence, in this great expanse.
I’ll cast a drawbridge to you.
I’ll lift whatever stones,
Causing you not to be free.

Whatever causes the stones to rain
From your delicate eyes
Beneath moon and starlight.
They land, such stones
To the lakes at your feet,
Embedded in everlasting softness.
What a wash of hardness, at their bottom.

I am within the tiniest darkness
Of your gentle mind,
And ever-more gentler heart.
A drawbridge to you,
By my hands, to you.
Love is not much to ask,
As it is not much to give.

Just a slender token
To your peace.

Just a blue droplet
For you, to see yourself, brand new.

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