Poem – “Candles Melting Against…” – Romance – 2/22/2020

Aromatic, above the flesh, as fumes raise themselves
To my nostrils, and beyond.
Lust sends motions, and we sin together.
Love flies kisses to your mouth,
And we love forever.

I am within,
And you are around.
Like truth that spills over, to reveal to the world
Endless colors.
Endless shapes that perspire and mold.

Across your heavenly form,
I am sentenced to stay
And touch.
I am sentenced to breathe, and bury myself
Deep in your virgin mind.

We are two melting candles against
The sun.
You perspire, as I aspire
To be alike you, in the dimness of a world against ourselves
In our eternal romance, and endless entrance.

2 thoughts on “Poem – “Candles Melting Against…” – Romance – 2/22/2020

  1. I sound like a broken record, sorry for this, but it is so beautiful!
    Pardon me if I say that poetry is not my cup of tea, but your poems do take me to a different level! thank you

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