Poem – “The Lifted Veil” – Romance – 2/24/2020

Above your brightest shoulders,
A certain face resides,
With images, porcelain upon ruby stripes,
Your dashing image, combined with the light
Of where I place a solemn kiss.

One marriage,
Among many vows
Lets me take your finger, and the ring I place
Upon your hand, makes me
Go through, to the bitter end.

I lift thee, above me,
As my strength conjoins, with the twisting winds
And velvet textures, of your skin.
Love has merriment, wishes and secrets,
Love has volumes of pages, written out in the solace.

Beneath a moon, and a sun,
We make life,
As we make happiness, in the sundering twilight.
Love has a face,
And it is yours.

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