Poem – “When Fire shares its Words” – Romance – 2/25/2020

When fire converses with thunder,
And anticipates coercion.
When the shock of truth, melts more ice than does flame,
When a woman can have her arctic
Within her South
Melted of its glaciers
By a man, and his annexation,
Fire is no longer our excuse, nor our pledge.

Thunder is the element of truth.
Fire, the element of craving.
Yet, we crave truth,
Or, we crave a lie, to sweeten our tongue.
“I am in love with a peaceful man,” says a woman.
“You are in love with your words,” says me,
The horrid man.
Truth has its own element, and it is the happenstance.

Like love buried,
Truth, too.
Like love burned,
Truth, too.
A memory locked in a mind,
Is too much awe, when it is behind.

When it is behind,
And buries a dagger into a womb.
Memories rape
The mind, from behind.
Love will raise truth, from a grave.
In the back of the mind, we are unforgiving of shadows.

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