Poem – “Lust has an Open Image” – Romance – 2/26/2020

What will you
Do, upon this day when
The frame is gone, from around you?

The painting as you are,
The woman with colors for the world’s ardor,
With passion to show in eyes,
Among a few little cries,
Runs free,
Among the mice.

Love has a golden texture,
Lust opens yourself, for me to see what will
Be drunken from.

A sunset between your legs,
A few scattered rays, or is it
Just a mere glimmer atop the many flowing currents
As bold highlights?
Love drains a sigh
Straight from an ecstatic smile.

Love breaks open
Lust’s golden egg.
And spills contents as white as
Your arms, embracing the bed beneath you.
A film captures
All of you.

We are, at once, anew and alive,
Lust has opened herself, a space to arrive,

And be taught to create grand spices.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “Lust has an Open Image” – Romance – 2/26/2020”

    1. Thanks, John.

      I’m just sitting here listening to some of the saddest music I know. I’ve been reminiscing over past memories, for many days, now.

      It’s also relieving to write some poetry to the music.

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