Poem – “Always with Tears to Shed” – Romance – 2/27/2020

It is at times that I feel
That feeling has left me.
It is at that time when I think
My sanity is leaving me.

When love bursts
A heart bursts.
When such happens, feeling is gone,
And a heart is hardened with the blood.

Feeling only ever numbs
When the light has left us,
When the warmth has left us,
Like in the coldness,
As our fingers do the same,
As our toes do the same,
Everything is numb.

We are beautiful,
And only ever beautiful,
When exposed to a light.

When hardened,
We are like the ice,
As a block of it,
We are blocked, too,
From reaching a light.

We are blocked from reaching the sun,
We are loved,
And only ever loved,
When a cloak can cover our wounds
When we can shed tears that will not freeze.

For we can only trust ourselves to die,
Not to stand up.

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