A Quote of Wisdom – “Why We cannot seem to Grasp Judgement” – 2/29/2020

“It is strange to see a world that does not grasp someone’s judgement, or outright refuses to hear it. I can only attribute this to a Faithless and distrusting society that believes humans have created other humans, not through love or care, but through a systematic, planned, or computerized approach to action. Pragmatic or utilized, and each human seems to have become someone to reject criticism. Because, should we reference that love, on its own, is the highest form of judgement, then by rejecting judgement, we reject love. And, when we come to state that God is dead, it seems to have become the case that each creation cannot be judged. For that is because when the Creator to art has died, the creation can no more be criticized. Is it right to assume that this is a fated psychological decision by us, as creations of a Creator, that we cannot be judged by those who are above us who possess the ability to guide?

Are we not all like children to an artist, to someone who can guide us through just another path drawn before us? We surely did not create our own path, if others have walked the same steps.

We merely surpass our predecessors by becoming better in our performance.”

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