A Quote of Wisdom – “Why the Bully is not the Child’s Problem” – 2/29/2020

“We cannot seem to understand who the ‘bully’ is in the scenario we’ve found to be common for a sight. That is, why did the adolescent kill themselves? Was it because of the bully’s abuse? No. It was because of the lack of a friend. Genuineness is something that the victim desires, not the many organizations that only account themselves to ‘stop bullying’, because they cannot present themselves as a friend to the victim. They actively promote the need to ‘stop bullying’, because they comprehend that their activists are not doing it for that ‘genuineness’ factor. They do it for the job, and for the money in it. It is a fact, even when you see terminally ill cancer patients who’d rather be cared for, by their families, over paid nurses. By this logic, it would seem the activists are more-so the bullies, over the actual bully in the playground.”

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