A Quote of Wisdom – “The Metaphor of a Tree” – 3/2/2020

“We begin in pain, while we grow through perseverance.”

Our Nature, is to grow with each added bit to our structure. And, when we stand, we stand tall, knowing what it took to keep us straight.

We begin in the pain, in the seed, in the womb, and we are as an infant to hear our mother’s cries of suffering during the labor. Work, for that is what labor refers to, and it is a great respect to a woman, to a mother, to know what it took to create. And then, the further sufferings begin for the infant to become a child, for the child to become an adolescent, and for the adolescent to become an adult.

Further suffering and further trials, for the creation, because while we were merely a seed once upon a time, we had grown through perseverance, getting to know life by its colors and sounds. As we grew into a noticeable shape, we bled and we cried. We sweated out salty droplets for our tongue to catch their falling. We loved others, and had romances, and it was all painful.

But, we are not strong in our beginning. We are strong when we are past our beginning, knowing that we grow through the perseverance that it takes to move past a beginning. We should know that there is no ending to what we do. That is the beauty of life, that is there is no ending to anything. There is only beginnings. Newness and creation, that lifts ourselves and uplifts others, through the perseverance it takes to be away from a beginning. To be away from it, and into the life of new experiences.

Love has its way of binding wounds, and through our beginnings, we will see other beginnings. Other pains, that throb, and cause lips to quiver, and we stretch our arms to embrace, and grasp clothing with fingers. We hug another, and offer warmth, because the tree’s limbs were not there as merely a seed.

A seed that began pain. A seed that began suffering and trials, for a life that has not known perseverance, without another to show it.

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