“A Face and a Teardrop” – Poem

Do not

Come to weep

A single droplet of wax into my hand

From your eye, that melts

The color of the moon.

Silver is the changeable


Still so dry in the stillness of a night,

Where wine glasses touch lips, and curves extend from hips.

I find what I cannot

Find in any other source,

Through your eyes.

But, do not weep a single tear,

For I desire to drink the ocean

When the moon raises it to my sight,

When the moon raises the tide to my face,

Because my form is too weakened to leap down.

Drunk upon sadness and woes

Of a miserable Sunday

Where the bell did not toll once, at the church where a man was praised

For dying

For the sins only I’ve committed.

A woman, as you,

Forever forgiven,

By the whole world.

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