A Quote of Wisdom – “The Personal Choice Relates to Deception” – 3/3/2020

“Influence is the road to deception. Truth is the straightest road to the love for another, and from another. Trust, even if blind, is never blind, because it is the least thing a flawed and imperfect human expects.”

A personal choice is the relation to deception, because the personal choice had only been made through an embrace of another’s influence, not another’s truth. Were someone to peer into the heart of another, and empathize, they’d identify with them. Therefore, for one to identify as themselves, has been because influence, not truth, has entered their mind, enough so that their personal choices turn themselves away from other people. Each personal choice, based on a belief in independence, will always be related to deception, as the independent individual finds themselves capable of self-identification. Therefore, what one finds within themselves, will never be related to another person. Were they to relate themselves to another person, they’d be embracing truth. Instead, they will make personal choices, wholly based on pure deception. That is because deception comes from influence, put upon the ignorant ones in the world. The deceived one grasps what they have felt, not what they have seen.

Were a person in the world find it to be normal to see, rather than to merely feel, they wouldn’t merely feel their own emotions. They’d be able to feel another’s emotions, through the empathy that defines a human. Now when a person can find it in their hands to identify as only themselves, deception comes along to influence that person into doing so.

Empathy is the road to seeing another person’s truth, accompanied by trust. When we believe we can identify ourselves, we believe that only we can know ourselves, and thus, we have rejected the empathy from another person’s vision. We embrace deception, in such a sense, because we do not embrace logic, nor love. We embrace deception, because there is nothing to discover of ourselves, besides what relates to our past. We embrace deception, because should we embrace truth, we are seeing someone else’s pain, not merely our own. We embrace deception, the past, and we do not embrace logic, nor love, because through the process of self-identification, we find ourselves feeling what a past relates to, being pain. To see the history of another, however, is to see, not to merely feel, and what comes after the sight, is also the feelings generated from our ability to empathize.

In a world that promotes that the individual can only know the individual, there is nothing more to this than the actual promotion of fear. One then introduces strangeness into a world, that cannot be accepted, but only adapted to, like some new technological advancement.

Love becomes objectively rejected from a society when everything becomes based on change, while change relates to adaption. Nothing about a change can be accepted through love, because the only source to provide love is an external one. When we wish for a “change”, we wish it through a personal decision, and that deception will deceive another’s vision, thus blocking out another’s ability to empathize.

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