Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

A Series – On Christianity – “The Blood of Existence, Stains the Hands of Believers in Non-Existence” – Pt. 2 – “On God’s Reality” – Material

October 18, 2019

“God, who has been described to be the one who commands love, would have a human look upon love, as well, with belief or denial. It is not God who is believed or denied, in this scenario; it is love that is believed or denied. And, why do we deny love? It is because those who believe in love’s non-existence, are also those who believe in love’s non-utility, and such believers could not be more precise.”

Love holds no boundaries, as it is stated at times. There are no walls to which the “eyes of love” cannot see through, to find the suffering soul that wails in discomfort. We are each children before those “eyes of love”, made to submit in that discomfort. It is because, intolerance towards external aid, a belief in strength for the self, is opposite from love, and only creates further suffering.

All non-existence and existence for God, is correct in its naming. God does not exist, when He is denied. God exists, when He is believed. That is the simple truth. It shifts in the patterns of faith, between those two polarities. We trust, through proof to trust, while we distrust, through proof to distrust.

Science has named it necessary to discover the self. Are we to pit the fault upon science? No, we are not to do this, though only to name it as an “inevitability”. Humans, upon receiving no love, will begin to believe solely in themselves, in what a human could discover. And, in this, humans turn themselves inside-out, so to speak, so that what is repulsive is shown. Those hideous things are horrifying to naked eyes, and what is seen is not beauty. It is not beauty, because what is noticed is something we should be discovering upon comprehension. We do not comprehend the cause of external injury when a body is placed before us, to nurture. What hearts we would discover, that could not be mended with sutures and ointments, though with the love that we continually state has no use.

Sutures and ointment possess practical application for their use. Love has no practical application, for it poses more risk upon the self, than ever the wounds already current, posed a risk.

We mention the word “repulsive”, because it is a common factor among humans to bury things we do not comprehend. Such is a thing called a “subconscious”, where when we sleep, we have nightmares that rise from those misunderstood things, from the subconscious.

Love would be the ingredient to comprehend everything terrible of a person. Though, the only reason why God, or love, is believed to not exist, is because of its lack in practical application to solve a problem. There are greater problems in this world than cancer. Why would an Atheist accuse God of not solving the problem of cancer, without first understanding that cancer did not sprout from nowhere? It was a creation, as any other, to “test the limits of humanity” as God ordained.

Love is nowhere to be found, if it is denied to be helpful.


Poem – “Behold, what I View of You, to be the most Beautiful of Truths” – Romance

July 20, 2019

Faced with a cheek,
Of rose and ivory together,
Unlike the many splintered faces,

Not rent apart by so many tears,
That you keep beneath the swept reddish hair,
I feel thee, with a weight that pulls, and does not press.

I believe,
That love can truly dance.
It is, as I’ve seen it, with eyes upon the hands,
At thy waist, and move upwards on paired hips.
Listless was I, in before I knew of this.
Love has been but a berry to be consumed.

I observe, and in what I observe,
Beauty, marvelous beauty
From the Earth, to the winds,
From the fossils of dead things,
To my lips, to where I give a kiss.

Your face held in my hands,
Your eyes dropping porcelain tears,
Your arms very limp, with legs the same.
Grace has become your last name,
The world makes merry, your beauty.

Words of Wisdom – “The Distrusted Individual” – 7/15/2019

July 15, 2019

“The individual reigns in all their choices? Is it so that a person will find their situation as normal, and such should be left as is? What kind of philosophy is this? What does it create besides a world of distrust? We believe the individual to be in full control, and what about the individual’s own family and friends? Are they not to offer input? Are we, as individuals, soon better off blocking out all criticism, labeling it as ‘negativity’, and viewing ourselves as the only right ones? The individual would be very lonely in their own little habitat of normality. They’d say, ‘What I do is deemed as right only by me’, and be better off not knowing what another thinks on their actions. All this does is create that aforementioned ‘world of distrust’ between the common human. What people call ‘strangers’ could be friends, for every friend had once been a stranger.”

Words of Wisdom – “Respect, the Safer Option” – 6/17/2019

June 17, 2019

“The vulnerability that love creates for the withered soul, is the breakdown of pride. A world devoid of trust, is a world that seeks to right the wrong to the self; to repair the self; to sculpt the flesh; and to renew the heart. In respect, there is far more safety than to be in love. For with respect, one is both feared and fears themselves. The feared one will do something drastic, and will soon bury their guilt, while love will raise all truths from the heart to the highest point, though is out of reach. The loving one will have a warmth, that is unquenchable by all rivers and oceans, by all tears and sorrows, able to break the proud one so that the impossible happens; so that water mixes with fire.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Subdued” – 5/26/2019

May 26, 2019

“The human who rejects leadership is the shrinking human. To reject the external, means to proudly place negligence on trust. Thus, such an individual becomes absorbed into themselves. Soon, this individual with this mindset will shrink, as they believe more and more only in themselves, while distrusting all other outside aid. Such isolation will make them small, and smaller still, as their bodies shrivel and their minds wither; they are not strong humans at this point; they are ants, seemingly and somehow lone, without the desire to work, and without the desire to cooperate.”

Words of Wisdom for the Day – 5/8/2019 – “An Attraction to Others/An Attraction for the Self”

May 8, 2019

“A love for the self, as a rebellion against love for others, or trust for others, out of frequent matters with betrayal, will only allow one to see the self. Does one then fix the self, through such focus on the self? Love and trust are mutual, and through such mutuality, one should comprehend that their own corruption, of themselves, will thus be cultivated. They will nurture themselves and never believe themselves to be the problem. They are half the problem, and their experiences with betrayal has caused such a problem to become a whole, through another, and thus they were aware. For separation is what causes that awareness, though it is rarely that a one will see within, to find half of caused their betrayal.”