“A Storm of Womanhood” – Poem

She lurches forward to kiss

Horrors into my scalp.

Like one shadow let loose from lips buried

In the redness of an apple,

Plucked from the orchard to be bitten

By how she encompasses Eve, as most sinister in shape.

She follows wherever I travel,

Where it be, in my mind or by my side,

In arms to be held, and she’ll throw the coldest of glances,

In a mind to be haunted, and she’ll whisper secrets untold in this world.

Like love never had a note

Ever to be sung

Aloud in the choir, of Heaven’s vacancy.

She sits atop the balcony

With an eye on the conductor,

And swings her legs,

And pouts her lips,

And chooses to raise a song

To be mimicked by instruments

Without the command

Of the conductor and his wand.

I am enthralled,

As are everyone

To the breaths of her.

A storm of womanhood

Tears me into the shallows.

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