Poem – “When Love is Dressed for Summer” – Romance – 3/5/2020

When winter has lullabies in bells and snow-showers,

Summer will lure her in, like the scenery she comprehends not is warm

Enough for her vacant and cold mind.

Summer will allure her,

Out of a state in wonderment,

Lilies dressed on her garments,

Petals dressed on her eyelids,

Flower stems dressed on her fingertips,

And each drop of silver is a radiance upon her irises.

I want life

In all whole hearts,

The summer with its rays,

Bluest cheeks, for the blue skies,

And tresses as the auburn bark of each oak tree,

Show her your warmth,

Oh, veins of summer

That water the deserted spaces upon the plains,

To uplift the grass for the meadows,

And to always melt the snow that is common for a sin

When summer should lean its own sun forward,

And make her beautiful, once more.

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