“Over Whitest Lips” – Poem

She gave into the choice,

Not by what I offered,

Ever offered

To her cold and collapsed heart.

The choice to seal a noose about her throat,

The choice to strangulate the remaining love

From the stillest ruby.

From the ruby with the least gleam,

The least shine,

The least sheen.

A little blackness hovered over her head,

Like the smallest cloud,

Like nothing and no one has kissed her, in so long.

And, I am over the whitest lips,

The curved moons,

Silver crescents, before droplets of the same color

Leak from my tired eyes.

Love held a cup for me to hold,

And I once drunk from it.

But, the pain I now hold in my heart,

Is enough to turn me

Into something I never wanted to be.

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