Poem – “To be Fed, in the Ground” – Romance – 3/8/2020

To be fed, or to be led.
To drink the dew that falls freely
From her open eyes,
Before her mind opens even more
Than ever her heart was closed
To the air,
To my stare,
To myself, still aware
For her, to be there,
Among all the faces
That come to share
Their tears, and straw-like hair
That both fall into hands, so fair.

Like a texture identical to a candle
Like what holds me now in this cradle
Of wood.
I had once stood
Upon mountains, to see a distance
Where she cried helpless thoughts
Out of her open mouth.
I had once kissed
Her, to swallow breaths,
Before death, accompanied me.

I had once kissed
The winter away from her heart
And brought searing warmth
To her desperate self.

I had once breathed
Misery out of her heart,
For my winds were not kind to what might
Have ravaged her,
Mangled her,
Stolen her
From my realm in love.

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