A Quote of Wisdom – “Of a Man… in his Tears” – 3/9/2020

“Some may wonder over the cause to a man’s rage. Some may wonder over the cause to a man’s desire to dwell, in unending pain. Some may wonder over why all of this occurs, when a man cannot seem to depart from the memories, and so he turns wrathful. It is because the path of evil is born from loss. It is especially men who feel this pain, in tremendous power, because to love for a man, means to love someone else more than himself. When that is lost, and should he take the path of rage, it is only because the pain of loss, will require that much effort to obtain the love, once more. Men often take the path of rage, because their frustration emanates from a feeling of failure. What had been a man’s greatest achievement, aside from all he does for himself, was to make a woman happy. Even if he is not at fault for the ended romance, he will still begin to question, and dwell in the confusion of thinking, ‘What have I missed?'”

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