Poem – “A Heavy Heart, and Faceless Expression” – Romance – 3/9/2020

Desert me
Upon the frozen wastes,
Beautiful woman, with heavy heart,
And faceless expression.
You have encountered too much, to see what I will become,
Another parasite to drain life
From hearts meant to be kept in books,
Of memories that are laced in passion.

No more futures to soil,
Please do not
Plea to me, to stop,
For my body rots
As you stare, to see me,
In horrid Hell,
And I can only promise
That my life will worsen itself.

Just do not
Keep me
In your arms, beneath the shadow of your face
That wields no expression
For the human state.
I was in love with you
Upon a time,
But the pain has injected itself, deep in my veins,
And has poisoned my heart,
Has eclipsed my soul.

Heal yourself
In forests, where you may be the tree that is alone
With the puddle at its roots.

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