Poem – “As your Eyes Face the World” – Romance – 3/13/2020

With all its romance,
And endless series of entrance.

Endless waves against your legs and ankles,
Love seems to not leave you,
For it bores into you
A quivering shadow.

A face, as old as time
Wishes to not leave.

A life, fit with wine
Against your weathered lips.
Love will entertain the harlots
And reunite the kingdoms.

Can I seal your lips over mine?
May I bleed your soul over, with my wine?

May I give a gift as old as time?
May I shower you with the praises
Granted upon where I find
Beauty to be there, to shine?

Love seems to hold its hand,
Like the ocean with the shore.

It would not let go.
Though, the shore rejects it.

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