A Quote of Wisdom – “The Reason why Meaning Fades” – 3/16/2020

“Meaning holds light. Meaning has no residence in darkness. This would mean that meaning holds its definition in purpose. When relating purpose to the word ‘should’, meaning would state that we ‘should find purpose in the future’. However, most people will comprehend their future as dark and uncertain, and thus, they turn to their past.

Why is it that myths are merely the spread seeds of truth? It is because like all things misunderstood about truth, each ‘myth’ is related to an interpretation of the truth. Though, they are mere lies, and as it is, such lies are just fragments of the whole, of the absolute, of the entirety.

The multiplication of humans results in the multiplication of lies, the multiplication of interpretations, or the multiplication of viewpoints. Thus, we describe this to be ‘freedom’. Just as a dandelion’s own seeds are blown by the wind, all this describes is the essence of change, and never improvement.

While each life heads into the future, one should expect improvement. However, our meaning fades when all we are holding from our origin is a fragment of a whole. That whole, being a togetherness of humans.

When we find meaning in our past, we find meaning in pain. It is the same as pushing time backwards, and as such does not naturally occur, we create pain. More uncertainty and fear, creates the pain we dislike to feel.

A fragment is what we hold, and we will soon come to comprehend that truth, or flesh, is not meant to be free. It is, however, meant to be filled with purpose, moving towards the future, feeling no fear.

To fragment ourselves, our species, means to multiply. For we will divide others or divide ourselves from others, while we will multiply our ideas into a many.

The point being, that meaning fades under the circumstances when an origin, a creation, or truth, multiplies into myths and lies, from where it began.”

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