Poem – “The Love Breathed for Both of Us” – Romance – 3/16/2020

Caution me
Around your form
That shows no sight of faltering.
Deep in the heat,
Deep in the waves.
My steps are not as graceful
As your own,
Little one.
You’ll find pain in what I reveal
Of me.

Like two stars,
Your eyes have shown me a twinkling light
To guide my path ahead.

Like the bravest of children,
You have drawn the heavy breaths
To be laid down upon your ample chest.

Caution me
Around what I do not know.
Love breathed itself,
Love has shown itself,
Like two sticks in the mud,
Like two wires overhead,
Like the moon for the sun,
And then again, otherwise.
I am still too sick
To see the highest ray.

Of sun that does scorn,
Of twilight that does mourn.
A flower caught in your hair
Has sat itself next to your eyes.
And you feel, too,
The moon, do you?
Do you feel, and do you breathe
Everything that entices us to weep?

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