A Quote of Wisdom – “The Impractical Emotion, called Love” – 3/15/2020

“Love is an emotion that does not follow the path of robotics. It is not mechanical, though is the one singular emotion full of purpose. A purpose, that involves submission before the one we are purposeful towards. As a man submits to offer the ring to his chosen woman, he has claimed her as his only purpose, or at least he should.

Why do we say that God, as the being to rule over love, cannot rid the world of disease? He cannot, nor can a human bound by love, ever rid the world of ‘existing’ problems, when both God and love represent ‘non-existence’. How can non-existence get rid of existence? Don’t Christians refer to God as the creator? This would mean that God ‘creates’ the problems, such as humans who are problems, for other humans to be tested on that love. Humans are tested on love to not create further physical problems. Humans refrain, through love. Humans prevent, through love. Humans do not act, through love. Humans also, not through love, ‘create’ those creations of cures for diseases, through science.

Non-existence, such as God or love, as even Atheists refer to the former to ‘not be real’, cannot ‘take away’ the problems that are already existing. It is because the emotion of love cannot create death. It does not kill, and it does not utilize.

This is why scientists have taken to machines, which are things that act not according to love, but according to ‘use’. Machines have no purpose of free will, choice, because they lack a mind of their own. Therefore, they are only bodies, identical to the human form with arms and legs.

People, soon to become Atheists, question God on why He cannot cure the cancer of a 6-year-old child who has barely walked their first steps through life. Again, neither God nor love, both being identical to each other, and being bound to non-existence, can rid the world of existence. That, right there, is a human’s doing. Whether it be through nuclear war, or through a gunshot in someone’s skull, humans do not represent the ‘beyond death’, but are those who create death, for selfish wants.

For the simple act of removing a bookcase to place a couch in the same spot, is with the same ‘purpose’ of removing a human life, so the murderer can move past what has been bothering them.”

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