Poem – “The Kiss we Both Imagined to be” – Romance – 3/19/2020

Little love affair,
Goes with the air
And the scents carried to hearts.
I am in love with skin so fair,
And eyes that stare
Into the open chest of one man, as me
So undone and clean
Of his shame.

God has entitled me
To wed thee,
Upon this blessed evening
Beneath trees that are gleaming.

I have bled new vessels
For new thorns.
This pain I have endured,
Has lasted long enough to be cured.

You are aromatic
And wonderful.
I am but an unabashed man,
With little to be concerned.
Though, as I knelt for the kiss upon your hands,
You vanished.

The kiss that I,
Or rather, that we,
Both desired to be,
Cannot be, because
pain cannot collide
With destiny
And her sundering wings.

Both of us with lips
Too graceful in shape, to slip
Into hearts full of a past.
We think,
Though, do not believe
The world to be for us, at its brink.

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  1. You are a amazing writer. You make the words dance to perfection and allow love to be understood. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

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