Poem – “Of every Love that Holds Meaning” – Romance – 4/3/2020

There is a face,

And two steps that hold grace.

Just one woman

With more for her

Than she knows.

Lies have always gripped

Her frozen and anchored heart

At the bottom of a sea

That holds a wilderness of reefs,

Throbbing with suffering.

But, upon her discovery

In the life that shows newness

From me,

From what I offer,

I place upon her finger

The ring that will say to her,

“No more.”

No more of the ingratitude from others

In what you’ve done.

No more of the deceit from others

In what they’ve undone.

I will love until the mountains fall,

And the moon turns to blood

And the sun turns cold,

And our eyes become eclipsed.

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