A Quote of wisdom – “The Existence of God, the Existence of Others” – 4/16/2020

“For an Atheist to say that the ‘existence’ of God is none, is the same thing to say of a human who looks upon a pauper, and ignores them. It is of the same mindset. For to ignore the existence of God, the existence of love, would be to ignore the one who is denied, not the one who denies others. How could God ignore others, when He is love? How can we ignore God, besides doing just that?

How can we ignore the person in need, besides doing just that?

To look upon God, say that He does not exist, might as well be the same as never seeing the pauper lingering and suffering on the road.

Does God, as love, deny others? What are we, in that scenario? False providers? Liars?

We deny what cannot deny others, and will love what we cannot deny.”