Philosophy – “Why the World Doesn’t Care” – 11/21/2022

“It shows a great deal of insecurity and even a sign of one’s attitude of betrayal to forget those who are closest to this individual and soon focus on the world of what it, in its vastness of distractions, should be paying attention to.”

– Modern Romanticism

We cannot expect the world to care. It is the same as expecting someone else, whom we don’t trust, to shoulder our personal woes and hardships. Who around has such broad-enough shoulders to be able to carry what we can no longer keep inside our hearts, our heads, or in our arms? When we expect someone else to do this, especially of “the world” or of “society”, we can be extending an expression of dismissal to their woes and hardships in our effort to place a greater light upon our own. We can also be extending an expression of dismissal to those who’ve known us, since our childhood, in favor of the world with its endless sea of distractions and other priorities.

The world doesn’t care, simply because it will, at most, extend a brief glimpse upon your torment, and then turn from it in the next second. For there are only two types of people who exist, upon when experiencing their empathy for another human being. There is either the type of person who stays, or there is the type of person who leaves. Upon the latter, empathy had been short-lived, and had receded into empathy’s opposite, being sympathy. Sympathy is where a person, once having involved themselves in another’s troubles, feels safest. In that safety, the comfort of witnessing pain from afar is where they believe there will be no longer a need to involve themselves. This becomes identified of “the world”, or of strangers who state their brief expressions of kindness, to suddenly mute those expressions and twist their forms back towards their own life with its own sorrows. However, among those who stay with those they’ve claimed to love, we can no longer view these people as part of “the world”. Rather, we admit that these people are part of “our world”.

If a homeless person is seen to be begging in the streets, they are begging for something that will vanish. For that includes the giver of a scrap of extra change found at the bottom of their pocket. A homeless individual is begging for something they comprehend will not stay. The other individual who had given that supposedly needless piece of extra change will also not stay. As for the world, does it care? It does not, while a homeless person’s evident wisdom comes at knowing that their problems are not the world’s problems. The cure to their problems is not what they can beg for, because all things a homeless person has been begging for will not solve what is actually wrong. It begs the question, is something wrong with the world, or is there something wrong with us? Within “the world” or “our world”, what is truly missing?

Quote – “As the Rich Remain Rich” – 10/23/2020

“It is only the label of greed upon the selfish man, that will return to the labeler. To their envious eyes, the rich man holds more worth of his pocket, than worth of his heart. Hence, the focus by envy is upon the pocket, not the heart. It is in the effort to punish the rich, or to ‘eat the rich’, that the new rich spawn. For as the heart cannot be eaten, like love cannot, then it is the limited, though perceived to be limitless currency of the rich, that will be the poor’s nourishment. The impoverished or simply envious, were wishing to possess the same ingredients of success, though simply feasted upon better sustenance. The new rich are always the old poor.”

– Modern Romanticism

Poem – “He Fled to His Mother” – Poverty – 9/5/2020

Never so much
Kept in the dark,
Holding upon soil, with an animal
Stuffed with paper,
Paper disused,
Meant for currency,
Used for comfort.

A bleeding,
Opened soul
To the sounds of a distant falling
Of a woman’s voice.
She sends him whispers,
The child with the teddy bear,
The child with a lonely stare.

A spirit,
A phantom
Clung to dirt,
And from dirt, to debris.

A little tear
Comes falling
As he could have sworn
He was no longer thirsty.

A child,
Parched of mouth,
Tormented of stomach,
Dreams of a mother’s world,
A mother’s arms.
A place to flee,
A place to see
The silenced clock.

Drench the rain,
Feed the sustenance,
Mark the stomachs
By the teeth.
Make the world run with waters,
That the hungered do not starve themselves
By the absence of presence,
Though with the presence of the blue.

Philosophy – “The Idiot Lesser who does not Wish to Work” – 8/15/2020

“The foolish pauper will believe in deceiving words, upon the time they look to leadership to state they are loving. For no human can be God, as no human can be perfect. Imperfection of leadership states that the politician is just as foolish as the pauper.”

– Modern Romanticism

If before a bridge, then why not cross the gap to reach the end? Life is that bridge. The beginning is either one’s innocence or ignorance.

No fool, upon their journey out of misery, can claim their own nation’s leadership to stand for anything more than deception. For it is true, and factual, that if such a leadership is believed to ascend the lesser straight to the greater, foolishness is abound. No one lives, nor comprehends the work that life entails, when they skip it.

One lives, when they work to achieve that greatness. This is truth.

What person, so foolish, believes that leadership can ascend the lesser to being greater, without comprehending nothing of a human? In this scenario, it is the same as Heaven raising the dead, raising those lesser in the ground, to ascension. To believe that a human can do this, makes one believe in the words of deception. For deceit plays soft notes and rubs softly the earlobes of any person.

If one is lesser, one should work, to be middling. If one is middling, one should be ambitious, to be greater. This is truth.

How often does a person believe that God does not exist, though believes that up in a skyscraper, a human can lower a ladder to ascend a pauper? How often is it the case that a human is never ascended, though taken advantage of, for greater power towards those who have achieved it?

Idiots run the world, when those same fools were once paupers.

When paupers rule the world, all they know is to consume, to deprive everything out of life, and to chew the world to dust.

A living human looks below, and sees a pauper. A living human looks above, and eithers sees what they shouldn’t see, being God, or what they regret ever seeing, being the greedy human.

It is not that paupers are the hungry ones, so much as it is the rich man, once pauper, who is the greediest.

A Quote of wisdom – “The Existence of God, the Existence of Others” – 4/16/2020

“For an Atheist to say that the ‘existence’ of God is none, is the same thing to say of a human who looks upon a pauper, and ignores them. It is of the same mindset. For to ignore the existence of God, the existence of love, would be to ignore the one who is denied, not the one who denies others. How could God ignore others, when He is love? How can we ignore God, besides doing just that?

How can we ignore the person in need, besides doing just that?

To look upon God, say that He does not exist, might as well be the same as never seeing the pauper lingering and suffering on the road.

Does God, as love, deny others? What are we, in that scenario? False providers? Liars?

We deny what cannot deny others, and will love what we cannot deny.”

A Quote of Wisdom – “For Art to Grow…” – 3/7/2020

“For art to grow and prosper, it must be treated as any other life upon Earth. We are creations of other creations, are we not? Therefore, if art is merely ‘anything’, then it is ‘nothing’, referring the creators of this art to be those to keep people in their poverty. They dislike when anyone rises beyond their miserable states, deep in the gloom of being impoverished. Why would we not treat art as life, the creation as something that should rise beyond merely the ‘anything’ when we are impoverished? We treat hope as something barren, when impoverished. We treat people as those to be distrusted, as say that this is wise, when impoverished. ‘Poverty’ merely translates to ‘loss’, and the last thing we should lose, is our hope. When the artist creates art, they are creating life. Otherwise, they make themselves known to be a person who embeds the impoverished person in their state, should they treat ugliness the same as beauty.”

“Black Strips of Poverty” – Poem

What kisses came across

Your ivory skeleton.

Your form had receded from its fullness

Back to the elegance of death,

And I came across as something far more frightening.

I was far more truthful

Than the bony fingers you used to run through

Those black strips of hair.

I was the hope you lacked,

And have I betrayed you

When you say you want to die?

Have I abandoned you,

After our hearts dried of its rivers of love?

I have become embittered,

And I do not mean,

But do mean,

To release it upon you.

Poem – “A Drunken Identity” – Romantic Poetry – 2/5/2020

Passed upon myself,
Was her shadow
Like to pass over my disused and torn spirit,
After a love shattered,
Like the bottle I cling to

I attempted to ignore,
Though, it kept calling,
As it kept me company.

Beside myself, flesh over a drunken spirit.
Inside myself, with ignorance overdone,
I only slept with myself, last night,
Like some pauper in the wilderness of buildings
Where from each wall hangs a streetlight.

I only slept among the shadows,
Especially the one, near to me.
For she was there, to keep me company.

She was there to see me in my misery.
She was there to hear my cries,
Of panic and fear,
With delicate droplets of spirit
Like the stars to stare upon, in my wanderlust.

Drunken upon my worn identity,
In clothing strewn upon wounded flesh.
I am still new to the mourning.
I am much like the dew in the morning
That simply sits there, to fall.

Introduction to a Short Story – “A Charitable Set of Eyes” – Romantic Work – 10/22/2019

Oh, realm of the wicked, where dreams drop from hands like droppings from the bottom of a bird; there is much admiration to stick upon beauty to admire; why withhold what should be offered?

Love will lift it, beyond the realm of Men, where flesh is torn and raped. Faces are many that stare with bewildered eyes. And, those eyes are always heavy, surrounded by creases deep, and crimson hues that are upon cheeks, displaying a kind blush for compassion. Bewildered, are we, when we are also compassionate, never understanding why a soul would ever suffer.

Here is a man, who should be set with those same eyes upon him, perhaps twice or thrice. Make him a life, won’t you; for he is the remnants of a man with shadows long, revealing a history bent in the underlying, and only underlying, flame of poverty.

Poverty is a low flame, that burns alike the embers beneath the “middling” fire, itself. All that flame above, is the flame of industry. Coals are the poor, black as the soil. We ignore the useless; so, we ignore the love from God, and we ignore the most suffering.

Industry is a place of incredible heat. Beauty rises from it, though never from the coals of that low heat, called poverty. Chase that lowness, dear loving ones from above. God is loved, and it is not God who ignores.

Say this concept to yourself, reader, as brief as it is written: If there is a fire unseen, then it is a warmth unneeded, and that is God; and, if there is a warmth too low, the middling flame of industry does no more than to walk over it. A flame we are drawn to, is a comforting one.

Industry does not know industry; a pauper instantly knows another pauper; and all knelt, loving ones will, as well, comprehend the other loving one, without any time expended.

Here is a man, for we’ve said it twice now, who is in love with beautiful women. Fascinated by them, and seen even now to throw greater stares of marvel, seeming to overpower those women’s stares of disgust towards him. He is a pauper enveloped in the impoverished strain of a failing side to the Earth, to humanity; we have said, at least, that he has a history of this side, of poverty, have we not?

We have said it. A life settled around poverty is a life clinging to that low flame, most alike being a someone with chains that bind that someone to hug the roof of Hell.

A Remembrance – “Three Layers to a Human” – Philosophy on Life – 10/20/2019

Three layers, meaning, three separate areas that can become three focuses for a world, filled with creatures identical to “intelligent beings” called Homo-sapiens…

And these three layers are:

Bottom layer: Death.

Middling layer: Flesh.

Top layer: Love.

In a current world obsessed with “liberation” and “equality”, we’ve changed simply the words for the three layers, though they mean the same.

The changed words become:

Bottom layer: Poverty.

Middling layer: Truth.

Top layer: Reason.

There are still the same meanings to each layer, and no matter how many words are added, the original meaning stays the same. That is because the original meaning is still operating outside of human control. That is to say that there are forces at work, in which humans, too stupid and too arrogant, cannot possibly control, without inevitably playing into the hands of both fate and Nature.

When we disbelieve in God, we begin to look for truth…

In such a scenario as a “disbelief in God” makes human change the word “love” into the word “reason”, and everything below “reason” becomes “everything useful”. Though, God, if He is an existence, would never see something beneath him as any alike a “practical application” for something else. To “take care” would mean “to care”, and would also mean to apply the emotion of love to keep something durable. And, to see something or someone beneath oneself as “useful” would turn the tool eventually broken, if there is no emotion of love involved.

And then, when we begin to find that humans are, as well, just as “untrustworthy” as God, we begin to long for love’s return. Though, since we’ve already taken the step down from Heaven to be upon Earth, we’d also take an additional step down from Earth to be in Hell. This is to say that we’ll now identify more with animals, find compassion more in things we are meant to eat. As well, it is among paupers who find themselves looking upwards, not at the sun, by at the passersby so they may offer money.

In a world “filled with distortion”, it is only because of our immense compassion for animals that is not the cause of that distortion, though is a result of our distrust towards humans.

We first distrusted God, until we began to believe in humans as “realer” than what we called an “imaginative being” like God.

Though, if God is “for the imagination”, then the same would be true that the imagination is for God. That, those who would create, would be those involved in the sciences, studying movement, as an observer, as even a voyeur, much like how God is written to do the same. That is, he looks, he watches, though does he “make use” of those he loves? In fact, does any human “make use” of those that they love?

Do we, as humans, not as gods, but as mortals, ever look upon an infant we’ve created, and dare to perform an experiment on a child? We might, were we to be sadistic, because sadism is revolved around what is going to be seen beneath the flesh of the naked infant.

Therefore, to “make use” of someone beneath someone who has taken God’s place, would be to see what beneath the flesh, which is death.

And yet, such people are still humans, as only their arrogance will ever compel them to state that they have “replaced God” in such a way.

From these three layers.

Bottom layer: Death.

Middling layer: Flesh.

Top layer: Love.

Love protects the flesh, so that it doesn’t stray towards the layer of death.

Would “reason” protect the flesh, leave the flesh unscathed, or would reason only desire to “make use” of the flesh, so that ennui and apathy causes that person, who is being used, to decline towards death?

We would ask this of a hospital, which is the focus for that hospital, that if either their goal is to “make use” of the flesh, or to “love the flesh” as they apply the necessary medicines for a cure to the ailment. That is, how does a hospital think, when it means to cure, should it ever mean to cure, in the way of preserving life, that which the emotion of love is meant to do?

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “In Arms, Across Oceans Deep” – Romance – 10/18/2019

I see thee, upon a land so muddy, in the blood of sorrow,
You’ve never, held onto happiness, for long.
Here, I yearn, to be the one,
To cradle your defeat, in longest arms, and trembling fingers,
I fathom your emptiness, a lot like
The families of sickness, in nations heavy, on poverty.

We’ll not fall, with the tears, that come descending, a lot like
The few raindrops, that fall from clouds, also heavy
Like our hearts, that held, onto suffering.
We were never, envious of others, but found comfort
In our endless love, promised upon, one another.
Beauty is a place,
Not held in eyes,
But held in stars, too infinite to count,
And too infinite to identify.
I am in love, firmly in love, with a one I simply chose.

It was just upon, a single night,
That my eyes, seemed to wander,
Beneath the haze, of winter twilight.

Poem – “Broke, Jobless, but in Love” – Romance – 8/23/2019

There’s a famous way to recreate,
What has always deprived my soul,
Of recollection;
Of the memory that sits
On the crown of thorns above my brow,
It drips smallest droplets,
Of vermilion, to my tongue.
What do I taste?
I taste a love so sweet, and still, so bitter,
I taste my failure raising from a daunting Hell,
And I feel my beloved’s breath like a cooling wind,
To calm this roaring pain.