Analogy – “Of Love” – 4/16/2020

Love is the gift of satisfaction. Through satisfaction, and in who we hold, being one of flesh, we say to ourselves that we want for no more. We are thankful. It is objective, in this case, that the only way for a person to commit infidelity is to be dissatisfied. We are settled, through comfort, when experiencing love.

Through how it reigns, love is eternal. It is eternal because love is not immortal. It’s enemy and purpose, being hatred, is immortal. Love is eternal, and thus, there is a difference between an “eternity” and “immortality”. We feel power for ourselves through immortality. Whereas, we place someone else upon the throne, crown them, for an eternity. We keep someone else in heart, through love. Through hatred, we do all for ourselves. Immortality is the personal and selfish empowerment. Eternity is the expression.

Satisfaction, in what another has done for us, in where another has placed us, whether that area be from simple advice to a great hard lesson, matters much. For it does not matter how little or how large the gift, as it matters more on what the intent was. What matters, too, is the challenge faced in what was acquired. A woman, to a man, for example, challenges his egotistical self, making his way for a more subdued, less challenging life in the arms of her.

Love is useless, too. Though, what does that mean? It holds meaning in the opposite of dissatisfaction. When we want for no more, we wish to not escape from where we are. When in love, when experiencing love, when having something to lose, we are not meaning to run from it. We are, instead, wanting to stay with that person we love. Through use, however, we coerce, threaten, beguile our way from where we are, so that we may experience some realm of freedom. We, ourselves, feel confined in that area, though such may be an attempt at something for good reason. Whether such a relationships needs escape or not, depends upon the relationship, of course. Though, there are those always too unhappy or discontent to ever be of the opposite.

Therefore, when we use, we have manipulated the one we love, treated them as a tool rather than a human, and have employed a hardness and robot mindset, over seeing someone with compassionate eyes. No one wants to always be a soldier, continually fighting. We want rest, at some point. That is love, the rest after the giving of that eternal emotion.