Poem – “A Wedding in Spring” – Romance – 4/19/2020

Without a crown,
I am no empire
For you to call home
Upon the highest throne
Where thorns wrap around
And feed our pain a greater word
Than mere want.

Here is a wedding in spring.
There are your lips, for the taste
With droplets falling off
Like from the tulip’s petals.

Here are your eyes
For the cherishing,
For the yearning,
For the blessing, of our disguise.

We want a greater love,
We’ve wanted a greater love
Than merely ourselves.
Here is us,
The pinpoint, our majesties
Laced in residue
Of a simple evening.

It was where wine was drunk,
Among stares that were settled in
Like upon the lake, where we could sink ourselves
From the boat that lapped the waves.

I am still too much in the mode of desire,
To have a love connected to by wires,
To have a love that sets a scene higher
Than ever we were with each other in fire.