A Quote of Wisdom – “The Definition of Luck” – 4/20/2020

“The definition of luck holds the same definition of crime, being that of stupidity. Stealth and believing one has not seen the criminal’s actions, makes stupidity linked with crime, because the criminal will believe the consequences to their actions could be overlooked. By overlooking something, one has been lucky in the chance. The criminal relies so much on stealth, that ever being direct and straightforward by perhaps killing in broad daylight, is beyond idiotic.

It is why the criminal relies on nighttime and the covering of evidence, so that their actions may be overlooked.

It may be also the case that any person of the world who buries the form, even cremating it by turning it into dust, has burned the evidence, burned the flesh, and even burned all traces of memory of that person. Of course it’s the case, though the criminal will act in the same fashion.

Stealth relies on luck, while the criminal relies on both, though also acts out of stupidity because he or she forgets that memories, themselves, which are in the mind, are eternal.

Whatever was lost because of the criminal’s actions, must make the criminal graceful in all sense of the word, to be able to slip in and out of their cover, at any time. Though, because of what was lost, whoever remembers the lost person or item will want justice for the loss.

When it comes to the burning of evidence, the burning of flesh, and the attempt to destroy the memories of a lost something or someone, the criminal can forget that the stealthiest things are those memories. They are unseen, like the criminal, though more unseen than the criminal, themselves. The memories, being eternal, always chase after to destroy the criminal, who believes themselves to be immortal. The criminal will believe themselves to be undying, never taken of power.”