A Quote of Wisdom – “The Origin of Evil” – 4/20/2020

“It can indeed be well-known, according to a theory dealing with shadows, that a person of darkness, consumed in their evil, only ever casts their shadow longer when they no longer see light.

All shadows are cast by light. This is a fact. Yet, were darkness to be all a person knows, then they are consumed by the darkness. It is no longer that such an evil person controls themselves. It is more the case that their evil controls them.

Their darkness is infinite, much like the blackness of outer space. How does a person recede? How does a person, like a tide, recede back to their origin? It is done by receding back to where they began, before the darkness came unto them. Much like how the sun sets, the shadows grow longer. And then, the shadows are all consumed by the limitless darkness, only ever given shape by the moon. A little orb of light to see, is what some people who are deep in their depression, cry out to.”