Poem – “Lay Down your Fingers” – Romance – 4/23/2020

Lay down the pads
That seem to undo, the petals and their dew.
Release wetness, from between pillars,
And release sadness, from between veins
Where velvet flesh consumes its own bread.

Lay yourself down
On this bed made of miles
Of stones.
Sin is but a release to the passion
Between two, in excitement.
We feel
What should not be felt,
And have felt,
What now we can feel.

Songs and sickness
Croak futile lullabies.
I am in the same boat
As you,
Yet the oars are missing.

I can travel by my hands,
I can see faraway lands,
I can stand
To see you for how grand
You aim to uplift yourself,
For all I hold is a tear.

All I hold are the many long years,
Weary upon the calendar
Where ink had smeared.

Beauty and tyranny
Both make kisses, beneath rain,
Making love, in utmost pain.

Let us revel, until we see, again
The fog that has drifted to the end.