Philosophy – “Human Reason is the Essence of Chaos” – 4/26/2020

All that comes to us as a “choice”, not bound by duty or responsibility, is something to create the eternal dissatisfaction, creating chaos in its aftermath. What is love objectively defined to be, of a person who lives by it? It defines itself in the person as the responsible one. To whom we fall in love with, it was never a choice. Though, what was a choice was for a man to turn his head to notice the stunning beauty of a woman.

Love is the emotion, not chosen. For there can be no self-love, if self-love is a choice to do. One cannot persist to love another, through romance, without enabling madness and obsession. A human is not bound by Nature’s will, while having their curse to create chaos, with reason. Reason is the device of a human that makes a choice, without the responsibility or duty bound up in love.

We are bound up with responsibility for who we love, because love is the ultimate bond. Through love, a man is responsible with when and where he spreads his seed. Through love, a woman is responsible with who she trusts. For the when and the where of a person, for the being in and the being at, that is the discipline spawned from the male mind. For the who of a person, that is the trust a woman places upon those she can feel will not violate her. Not to violate what? Not to violate her mind, for a woman possesses two forms or virginity over merely one. The virgin mind, like the form, can decay were it to be neglected.

When a man makes a choice outside the realm of those he is meant to love, he has left the picture, he has left the painting. When a woman makes a choice, she is presented with endless choices, thus being the painting without a frame. She is called “free”.

Human choice is what makes up human irresponsibility. When we present a society with infinite choices, we have presented to society an infinite stream of chaos. All choices are against love, against what we hold to be precious, being life. In what empowers us, through a choice, we cling to the blatant dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is believing what is stagnant must be able to advance.

Yet, in what part of this do we ever find a time to express gratitude? To whom do we express this gratitude? Well, if we cannot express it to those we love, because all we feel is dissatisfaction, we will be selfish and thank ourselves for what we selfishly did for only ourselves. Human reason is the product of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is the product of chaos. While love creates stability and order for a soul, dissatisfaction will rupture it, because a human made a choice. What is more, is that a human deceives themselves into believing their choice was unique, when a million others have made the same choice.

Deception is not something new for a human, and neither is selfishness. A choice can be seen as predictable, especially of a human being selfish. What is most surprising is when humans trust each other, through the modesty that makes us less prideful. The most unpredictable emotion out of all of them, for a human to feel, is love.

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