A Thought – “Here’s a Cure to the Coronavirus” – 4/29/2020

Taking precautions does not prevent the virus from spreading any further. It merely creates a society of fear. That is because once you begin to treat a population like irresponsible children, then they won’t be able to rely on their own decisions, anymore. Once the children, or a population, or the people of a nation begin to be treated like street urchins by its government, the nation weakens because its people were its backbone. From what has been noticed, the economy sinks into a “depression”, a loss, of money and morale, when the population is weakened. Weakened, because it is objectively the people of a nation that make the nation strong. It is not its leaders. Why is this? It is because the people of the nation will one day become the nation’s leaders. The people of the nation have their own minds, their own agendas, their own lives, and their own battles to win. They will become our leaders. Therefore, treating a nation’s people like irresponsible children who can’t handle what comes their way, without relying on the unending “advice” from a government, does not breed strength. It breeds weakness.

Here’s the cure:

Lift the lock-down, overnight, and allow people free reign to do as they please. If they want to come to work without protection, without a mask, then that’s on them. If they want to stay at home, and be lazy, then that’s on them. If people want to come to work with a mask, then great, because they’ll be protected.

Treat a nation’s population like adults, and the future will look brighter, with stronger leaders who were once the citizens of the nation.

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