Philosophy – “In the Midst of a Virus, Optimism and Idealism is Best” – 2/6/2021

“Those who support the facts of a world depraved, are those who seek to keep the deprivation steady and continuous.”

– Modern Romanticism

Scientists support facts. Politicians seem to support the scientists. However, doers will be idealistic, even among the pain of not letting the world spin and continuing on with the flow.

There are nations that falter, with their obsessions on realism. These are nations being fed the facts. There are people, in these nations, who are starved of being responsible. Responsible for who? Responsible for their families. Responsible for the historical outlook, with the future generations. How will future generations see us? They will ask, “Why didn’t they move?”

Facts do not move. Facts stand still. They remain. What tackles the evident oppression are always those who are against facts.

There are those who claim their death. Whereas, there are those who speak of wanting to live. This is the difference between cowardice and bravery. One does not tackle a suicide mission without appearing insane to most.

Facts are necessary. However, as all facts are frozen and stiff, the people who dream of betterment forge the movements that get to a destination. The facts do not follow.

The facts remain and the facts remain. Who supports the scientists? What side tells the scientists to feed us facts? That’s whatever side that deserves extermination. Pinpoint it, being of oppression, that they’re the side deserving the condemnation for endangering a world, full of people and their personal goals.

In the world of 2020 & 2021, those who can afford to be realistic are those who can subdue the idealistic. As in, whoever is realistic, during this world, are either cowards or the comfortable. Those of the latter will tell a person, so idealistic, that the world will one day allow them “room to breathe”. We have shown that certain humans are the greater virus, than Covid-19.

Those who can claim to wish for freedom, are the people who are compatible with today’s setting. They can be the ones who bring about the true movements, not the distractions. For no true flood and no true purge of the real threat, can ever be labelled a “distraction”.

No leader can side with facts, though also wish for change.

As it is also the truth, no leader can side with change, though also cling to facts.

In a world full of defeatists and those who bite their nails in fear, optimism is the greatest weapon. Though, in a world full of options and ampleness, there is much room to be realistic and hold onto what one knows.

No one thirsts themselves upon facts, anymore than anyone can drink ice. Does the ice move, except for the glacier that no one pays any attention to? Or, does the flood move more quickly?

Feed the world facts, and then the world will continue to move as slow as a glacier.

For the realists only ever level the outbursts of the overly-idealistic, as they become stilled and calm, like ice. Though, the optimists and idealists will always know their world of water, to pull the realist out from drowning.

Philosophy – “The Prime Reason ‘Lockdowns’ do not Work” – 2/3/2021

“How often were diseases transacted from slave to slave, as they were mere cattle upon their ships from one continent to the next?”

– Modern Romanticism

These ongoing pathetic attempts at culling the spread of the virus, through “lockdowns”, have actually culled human beings. Recall an idiotic Democrat philosophy of believing that if guns are restricted, then crime vanishes. The pitiful and deceptive “sympathies” of the political realm for the public, do not bode well for what can be objectively comprehended. As it should always be repeated, a politician is incapable of empathy.

What should be observed of the world, is the simple notion that restrictions only ever open the opportunities for the objectively bad to have as an advantage. Should not the virus, itself, not the people, have the restrictions? If that were ever the case, then we’d understand any government as competent.

We should understand, as a universal people, that as restrictions are enforced, such governments are tackling the cure, rather than the issue.

The virus, and never the people, should have the restrictions. When we restrict people, we do not restrict the virus. We free the virus. For the virus craves the limited freedom and the ongoing fears of the public. Specifically, fear is an emotion that guarantees the doom of a person, because their lack of calmness does not guarantee survival. What person, during any time in history, has ever survived while not calm?

Fear upon the people, not the virus, and restrictions upon the people, not the virus, is counter-effective to the problem, at large.

To take a criminal, for example, who no longer feels fear, no longer has any bars against their ways to spread chaos, is the one with great opportunities to bring about more damage. The virus shows the same example. Even if the virus cannot literally feel fear, it understands opportunity. It understands than an opportunity is an open window, as a gap to squeeze through, such as any restriction that is like raising a wall of a defense. Are the governments so gullible to believe that if one raises a wall, as a defense or restriction against the virus, that it is indestructible? Would not a wall or restriction not have a crack in it, exposed as a weakness?

Virus Talk – “A Lockdown is not the Answer” – 11/8/2020

“What leader is such, when their goal is not upon the future, though upon the passing moments? Their aim, in that sense, would be to freeze everyone in place, so that the future receives more anxiety than does the moment.”

– Modern Romanticism

Whatever fool believes one should “live for the moment”, pertaining to a lockdown, that strips us of clear vision to the future, has sold their soul for a politician’s foresight.

“Living for the moment” is one of the most obsolete mindsets, of the current day. It is the same as possessing a limited attention span, being the exact implication towards destroyed marriages. For what we cannot pay attention to, being of objective importance over anything else, makes us lose what was best.

In this manner, we should pay attention to the future, for we might learn something of our mistakes, at present.

It is always a person who commits error, in the now, so that the future can become a better focus, with wisdom attached. We are not so certain of anything until we can foresee it. Yet, if a leader, playing the role of a “politician”, does not possess the foresight and clarity enough to comprehend the consequences of a certain mistake, then they have not been paying attention. It is as simple as that. Learn from the moment, so that one’s focus on the future is as clear as the next day.

But, a lockdown? What manner of idiot believes that for the sake of the “moment”, we should believe things can be beneficial? It is the same as stalling the development, stalling trust, and stalling clarity into what inevitably will take place. For when we focus solely on the short-term, the long-term becomes unclear. We are blinded to the future, making the travesties of the current time, become the future. It becomes the future, making all manner of sickness as eternal in its lasting.

To the true leader, allowing people their freedom, means to allow them to choose between life or death. If a pandemic is afoot, then what occurred to the idea of “The strongest will prevail”? If the world shows signs of its collapse, then why place more weight on it? If we are not moving, then we can only be pressed further into the ground, by standing on each other, “in the moment”.

Allow death to be the consequence of idiocy, while actual leadership comprehends what the future will bring.

Philosophy – “On Trust, through a Virus” – 6/14/2020

What is the very difference between trust for a person, who might have a disease, or to simply trust another person? Is there any difference within the word “trust” by these two scenarios?

To love another, to trust another, and when blending both “love” and “trust” together, the only thing that may divide a relationship is betrayal. Such betrayal, stemming from dissatisfaction, stemming from boredom, stemming from tedium, makes a person want more. Such relationship betrayal, even if the reason is different from a disease, still causes hurt. On the psychological level, trust has little to do with the question of whether a person has a disease, or not. It has to do with taking a risk.

One takes a risk, when they trust. One does not trust, out of fear of being hurt. Were one to have a disease, they’d be hurt. Were one to have their trust betrayed, they’d be hurt. What is the difference between being hurt from the disease, or being hurt because your offered trust was used for manipulation?

To build a society around a lack of trust for individuals, and more of a trust for institutions, will make this ongoing virus the saving grace for such powerhouses. For trust is the essence of taking a risk. If a world does not comprehend how to do that, then it will breathe fear as easily as it breathes air. Trust involves risk. Trust involves love, not fear. Therefore, through that love and trust, a person is not ever betrayed, unless they are met with what they fear. A person inevitably keeps that trust, through love.

Therefore, the connection between a one who trusts another who may have a disease, or trusting another for simple trust, is based on risk. Nothing more is present, to describe how a person may become hurt.

A Thought – “Here’s a Cure to the Coronavirus” – 4/29/2020

Taking precautions does not prevent the virus from spreading any further. It merely creates a society of fear. That is because once you begin to treat a population like irresponsible children, then they won’t be able to rely on their own decisions, anymore. Once the children, or a population, or the people of a nation begin to be treated like street urchins by its government, the nation weakens because its people were its backbone. From what has been noticed, the economy sinks into a “depression”, a loss, of money and morale, when the population is weakened. Weakened, because it is objectively the people of a nation that make the nation strong. It is not its leaders. Why is this? It is because the people of the nation will one day become the nation’s leaders. The people of the nation have their own minds, their own agendas, their own lives, and their own battles to win. They will become our leaders. Therefore, treating a nation’s people like irresponsible children who can’t handle what comes their way, without relying on the unending “advice” from a government, does not breed strength. It breeds weakness.

Here’s the cure:

Lift the lock-down, overnight, and allow people free reign to do as they please. If they want to come to work without protection, without a mask, then that’s on them. If they want to stay at home, and be lazy, then that’s on them. If people want to come to work with a mask, then great, because they’ll be protected.

Treat a nation’s population like adults, and the future will look brighter, with stronger leaders who were once the citizens of the nation.

“A Human, a Virus” – Philosophical Thought

Has anyone considered that humans operate the same as a virus?

Like a virus’s mutation, we humans will change based on environmental factors. Our surroundings demand that we remain surviving, when those surroundings appear alien to us. That is, we survive just as a virus survives.

Adaption. It is an acclimation to fear.

In such a sense, how do we accept another person into our domain, when they represent what we fear?

Adaption is the necessary component against what we fear, not acceptance. Just as we are fighting against a virus, in today’s time, we do the same when we are fighting against an invading nation.

Alien aspects, are like those viruses. An interference, and it cannot die, because it will always return, some other day.

How do we love a virus, or a human that presents themselves as wanting to protect his or her ideals, when everything “alien” is, in fact, an invader?

More-so, we want to purge everything that invades. Our nations are very much like well-constructed bodies. Fragile, in breaking down, and needing to be protected.

An invader, and like a virus, this concept will never fade.

Xenophobia, which is very much linked to the “fight or flight” response in the human brain, will never die.

Perhaps it is why viruses are un-dead things, to begin with, because we will evidently believes ourselves to have created ourselves, in a time of survival. That is, each person who lives, has only lived because of what they do not fear, being things and people who are familiar. They only live because of other people, as those people have both uplifted and “created” them.