Quote – “The Objective Leader” – 10/5/2020

“The objective leader does not spark panic, for he does not cause fires. The objective leader does, however, use water to tame those fires. In the name of what Justice ridicules, being the flames of Vengeance, the leader soothes tempers and calms sorrows. The leader has no vendetta against a people, as those with fire do. The objective leader is a shepherd, meant to keep together the ones who might stray from his gathering. For what leader, of a subjective sort, does not merely take apart the gathering of that flock, that oneness?”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Reason for the Coronavirus” – Pt. 2 – 8/5/2020

“If betrayal of trust, to the personal level, can be met with reaction through vengeance, then it is love, itself, to do the same. It will be, in such a latter case, on a global scale.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is the emotion of trust, to be physically close with another enough to not believe them to do harm. In a world where trust is not needed, due to that people are so close, even without knowing another, love is inevitably rejected. Among cities, love will be rejected when closeness is too inevitable to even care for the outcome of it.

Upon the personal level, the human in love is bound to trust the beloved for their personal closeness. It will only ever be the case, through betrayal, that their physical closeness is never wanted. Though, the memory of them will still be kept in mind.

At the global scale, when development of human societies and communities has reached an ultimate peak, there comes a time when love, itself, is being betrayed. By that, a human’s development can only ever be of their bodies. For to gain knowledge, itself, is essentially a craving. For do we not feel pleasure in our bodies, when such is attained?

Human love cannot be forgotten, as it is always remembered. Humans love, out of trust. However, when there is only respect to be demanded, that is when a world has arisen out of personal gain, for the act not out of love. For the proof had been for the capability of a person, and that, alone.

Respect sides with being capable, though to love sides with being free of the mind. If love is said by religion to be belonging of the head, then it is the body being only ever benefited by such personal gain. No body can be free. All bodies are used or made as slaves. Only the mind can be free. Therefore, in that, the mind is never shackled. It would be the same as to shackle love. Such is impossible. Though, in the attempt to do so, then love, itself, acts vengeful.

If love is said by religions to be of the head, then it will destroy the form, however possible, when the form has attempted to suffocate love. By this, numbers reveal to be the matter meaning to smother the breath of love, or its own flame. Such means, that love cannot die.

Love cannot die, meaning that love cannot be suffocated by an overexertion of human development. Human development, when exceeded, is the inevitable attempt to suffocate love. If such were ever to successfully occur, then human development would no longer happen. It would result in human extinction. For as tales of Nuclear War speak of suffocation, among the end of human preservation, this becomes truth. Human development can only ever occur, when love creates distance so that trust is more-so necessary. As trust becomes needed, once more, humans begin to rebuild. Because, through trust, love makes the human close in the developing communities.

In the act of Vengeance, love, itself, turns upon humans to make a disease that would suffocate them. COVID19 is that disease, being designed by love to suffocate humans. Again, in the act of love’s betrayal of trust, the emotion becomes vengeful. For if love is the head, then it is free in its will. It is free in its power. It is free in its control. Therefore, it will be free in its whereabout. For if even God is said to “be everywhere”, then it is sensible to say that love will be the same, in every corner, in every crevice.

Revenge is, again, the reaction to love’s betrayal of trust. If on the personal level, such is the case, then at the global level, it is the same. Suffocation unto love, itself, causes what peaks human development to inevitably becomes lessened. In love’s vengeance, humans are suffocated, due to that defining revenge, being to do unto someone else exactly what they did to you.

Excerpt – “A Population for Trust” – Volume One/Chapter One – “A Pandemic that Originates” – 8/4/2020

“Humans have a fixation to multiply themselves, making their power to be believed in terms of numbers. Yet, it is the loss of control upon that power, that objectively proves a human to have none, neither over themselves nor of Nature. For what creates a human, being of Nature or God, or of a father who planted the seed in a woman’s womb, marks the fate of a human to not be suffocated by love. We see of it, that a human infant must be born head-first, or otherwise be strangled by their own umbilical cord. Suffocation is the inevitability of love’s power, when control through the head, through leadership, is not heeded nor attended to. A person’s anarchical petulance becomes most paramount, during a time when love is becoming suffocated under numbers.”

– A Population for Trust

Philosophy – “The Reason for the Coronavirus” – 7/30/2020

“Growth is elevated to the point of comfort. To that degree, humans must decline in numbers so that external stability is generated. Survival is the most prominent necessity for any organism, making life so precious in its fight to remain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Many factors exist within what is to be said, here. Though, two hold the most power, for why the novel Coronavirus has appeared:

  1. Overpopulation.
  2. A lack of trust among individuals, that has turned reproduction from love to appetite.

Why did the Coronavirus begin in China? It did, because China is the most overpopulated nation on this planet, called Earth. Overpopulation is an aspect to Mother Nature’s maintained organisms, that is seen by Her to be something deathly when it is grown to the point of perpetual comfort. Strife from loss is the necessary ingredient to allow a species’ will to survive. That is because to elevate oneself, again, to the height of love, one wishes to be in comfort, once more. It is through the loss of who we love, that we lean into what it means to never lose, to always win, and to survive. We, as a species, become unified under this pain of loss for who we love, as we work to love everyone.

Overpopulation is the growth of vast numbers, to the point of being chaotic. When we overpopulate, we begin to starve. When we do, love no longer is needed for what it means to populate a nation. For we engage in sexual intercourse out of trust. As trust is aligned with love, we comprehend that we are at ease, in comfort, with the one who is trusted. We are elevated to the point of knowing that our trust was well-founded, and not offered in vain. Though, when sexual intercourse becomes nothing more than appetite, we are showing the signs that those who we are meant to love, become as expendable as food and water. In that sheer “comfort”, we are lacking of trust, as we are lacking of love, because we no longer need to trust what we can get close to, to consume. In that, we become easily deceived, begin to label every view as a “perspective”, and thus, we begin to believe only in ourselves.

In that literal division, a person is no longer close, through trust. When the Coronavirus appeared, it occurred during the height of mutual distrust. Why else did it occur, in China? Why else did it happen, during a time when political upheaval was so focused? Overpopulation divides, when no one can trust who happens to be so close. That is because when overpopulation occurs, which becomes the case that people are physically close to each other, regardless, then trust is not needed. For trust is only ever needed, when we can take a risk.

Philosophy – “On Trust, through a Virus” – 6/14/2020

What is the very difference between trust for a person, who might have a disease, or to simply trust another person? Is there any difference within the word “trust” by these two scenarios?

To love another, to trust another, and when blending both “love” and “trust” together, the only thing that may divide a relationship is betrayal. Such betrayal, stemming from dissatisfaction, stemming from boredom, stemming from tedium, makes a person want more. Such relationship betrayal, even if the reason is different from a disease, still causes hurt. On the psychological level, trust has little to do with the question of whether a person has a disease, or not. It has to do with taking a risk.

One takes a risk, when they trust. One does not trust, out of fear of being hurt. Were one to have a disease, they’d be hurt. Were one to have their trust betrayed, they’d be hurt. What is the difference between being hurt from the disease, or being hurt because your offered trust was used for manipulation?

To build a society around a lack of trust for individuals, and more of a trust for institutions, will make this ongoing virus the saving grace for such powerhouses. For trust is the essence of taking a risk. If a world does not comprehend how to do that, then it will breathe fear as easily as it breathes air. Trust involves risk. Trust involves love, not fear. Therefore, through that love and trust, a person is not ever betrayed, unless they are met with what they fear. A person inevitably keeps that trust, through love.

Therefore, the connection between a one who trusts another who may have a disease, or trusting another for simple trust, is based on risk. Nothing more is present, to describe how a person may become hurt.

Philosophy – “Raising Awareness is the Same as Creating Fear” – 5/1/2020

Awareness is not an emotion, nor the essence of being careful or being wise. In fact, that goes against wisdom. One learns and gains wisdom, through hard lessons in life. One must experience the ordeal, before understanding if the ordeal was worth the trek. Yet, morons across the globe have devoted whole careers to “raising awareness”, when all that does is prevent wisdom from being gained. It does not prevent a problem from arising. In fact, even if that were true, the greater problem is the fear that “awareness” causes upon the individual who is now more paranoid than ever, in their life.

Head to Google, and you’ll find that the words “awareness” and “anxiety” go hand-in-hand. A person who is tense and anxious, is more than likely to glance over their shoulder, at least a few times, before feeling safe enough to take another step.

Raising awareness is the same as creating fear, because fear is the emotion we feel when we are not prepared for an issue. When we are not prepared, we are not confident, and no one besides those who create fear, can ever be our leaders. It is a very subtle form of tyranny to “raise awareness”, as it is only a sophisticated form of spreading fear around. Spreading fear around, which spreads our current virus around, probably even faster than the virus could spread itself.

The Corona-virus is just waiting for some neighborhood genius to cure it. Nowadays, with the COVID-19 in effect, we have more fools having a field day with “raising awareness” than ever before, in their measly lives. This is so, because their careers are devoted to drowning humanity in fear, rather than inspiring them to make their own decisions, based on risk. Were such people in such careers truly caring about the well-being of a nation’s citizens, they would not be “raising awareness”, though would be offering the nation free reign to act as they will. Freedom comes with the risk of being lost, and then, growing up. One risks, one falters, one finds themselves, one moves on past the obstacle, and thus, gains wisdom.

A Thought – “Here’s a Cure to the Coronavirus” – 4/29/2020

Taking precautions does not prevent the virus from spreading any further. It merely creates a society of fear. That is because once you begin to treat a population like irresponsible children, then they won’t be able to rely on their own decisions, anymore. Once the children, or a population, or the people of a nation begin to be treated like street urchins by its government, the nation weakens because its people were its backbone. From what has been noticed, the economy sinks into a “depression”, a loss, of money and morale, when the population is weakened. Weakened, because it is objectively the people of a nation that make the nation strong. It is not its leaders. Why is this? It is because the people of the nation will one day become the nation’s leaders. The people of the nation have their own minds, their own agendas, their own lives, and their own battles to win. They will become our leaders. Therefore, treating a nation’s people like irresponsible children who can’t handle what comes their way, without relying on the unending “advice” from a government, does not breed strength. It breeds weakness.

Here’s the cure:

Lift the lock-down, overnight, and allow people free reign to do as they please. If they want to come to work without protection, without a mask, then that’s on them. If they want to stay at home, and be lazy, then that’s on them. If people want to come to work with a mask, then great, because they’ll be protected.

Treat a nation’s population like adults, and the future will look brighter, with stronger leaders who were once the citizens of the nation.

A Thought – “Philosophy on COVID19” – 4/26/2020

In olden times, we had an entire laundry list of issues to tackle. In today’s time, we invent problems as easily as we invent machines to fix those invented problems. However, when a real problem comes to town, something that science has found too new to handle, all the triviality seems even less important than it ever was. Discovering our identity? Insecurity among adolescents? Insecurity among men? These are luxury issues that we would probably yearn for, in today’s time, to return for boring discussion. Such meager issues are not even on anyone’s mind, during this crisis. A virus as this is the most equal thing, striking at anyone without prejudice. It cares not for our plans, nor for our “pride”. We are, to it, the only thing worth discovering, and soon killing. And, when we find ourselves returning to made-up problems, playing pretend and role-play, we will probably discover relief.

Poetry Collection – “A Kiss among Disease” – Title: Wrap me in Something other than Cotton – 4/11/2020

Wrap me in whatever you can lend me

For I have brought death to my scenery.

I do not wish to be kissed by the moon,

Nor the feathers of ravens.

Though, this pillow beneath my head

Seems to be filled with blackness.

Don’t you want to hold me?

Don’t you want to lift me

Beyond where I’ll go,

Where songs do not snow

The notes down upon my nose,

For all I smell is decay?

Please take me in arms as brittle as the tears you have wept,

Place me in your heart, so that I may

Receive exquisite comfort.

Bleed me no remorse,

For I have wilted.

Loneliness encompasses

The past.

Please not, the future.

Poetry Collection – “A Kiss among Disease” – Title: Blanketing Tears – 4/11/2020

Why so frail above me,
God of my mercy?
I have loved life with a smile of unending
And loving applause
To the petals that surrounded me
All of my years.

Now that pain has grasped my lungs,
With loneliness to my heart
There stirs
In my bowels
All the acids of pain,
As my heart with loneliness, becomes strained.

“Do not give in,”
As I say to myself.
Life has truly left you willing
To see it through
To where darkness does not reside,
Though does the smallest glimmer of light.

Blanketing tears
Fall upon the simplest material
Ever over to be
On my form.
So diseased,
So full of wretchedness,
As nothing is left
But the hand that will not touch my own.

When I reach out,
I want a raindrop.
Though, all I’ll receive
Is the pale moon, coming at noon.

A wishful moon,
That weeps all its bleeding sorrows.

“A Human, a Virus” – Philosophical Thought

Has anyone considered that humans operate the same as a virus?

Like a virus’s mutation, we humans will change based on environmental factors. Our surroundings demand that we remain surviving, when those surroundings appear alien to us. That is, we survive just as a virus survives.

Adaption. It is an acclimation to fear.

In such a sense, how do we accept another person into our domain, when they represent what we fear?

Adaption is the necessary component against what we fear, not acceptance. Just as we are fighting against a virus, in today’s time, we do the same when we are fighting against an invading nation.

Alien aspects, are like those viruses. An interference, and it cannot die, because it will always return, some other day.

How do we love a virus, or a human that presents themselves as wanting to protect his or her ideals, when everything “alien” is, in fact, an invader?

More-so, we want to purge everything that invades. Our nations are very much like well-constructed bodies. Fragile, in breaking down, and needing to be protected.

An invader, and like a virus, this concept will never fade.

Xenophobia, which is very much linked to the “fight or flight” response in the human brain, will never die.

Perhaps it is why viruses are un-dead things, to begin with, because we will evidently believes ourselves to have created ourselves, in a time of survival. That is, each person who lives, has only lived because of what they do not fear, being things and people who are familiar. They only live because of other people, as those people have both uplifted and “created” them.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Fear’s Hearty Children” – 3/19/2020

“The responsibility of leadership is not meant to lead a populace to panic. Chaos merely spreads the contagion, for that true contagion is fear. What is not controlled, becomes uncontrolled, and everything uncontrolled is like a dark smear going across the face of a white canvas. It travels and travels, because panic is just that. It is the enemy of reassurance. It is the enemy of what can be led in a straight line.

If people say that life is too uncertain, then it is only because they lack the will to be responsible.

Leadership is not confined to a singular person. It is actually confined to the singular person who can be any person. Whoever leads a household, is a leader. Whoever disciplines children, are leaders, and just as any parent, the reassurance for children cannot be to spook them into greater tension.

Just as any parent would reassure their child that a monster is not in the closet, any person who reassures the parents would be themselves. It is that, because one should not rely on a singular leadership.

Any person is a leader. Any person is a government. This means that fear only leads the herd astray from the shepherd, and there can be no leadership through that. The leader reassures themselves, because a leader cannot be as afraid as the sheep to be led.”