Poem – “When Petals Drop” – Romance – 4/29/2020

When the tears rain down

From eyes, beneath the crown,

Is it sadness I see

For the haze of symmetry?

Your face is for a loving smile,

Not for the grief, tracing the miles.

Your form falls into contours,

Entertains death on a whim,

Leaves the world wide open

Upon its own cross in the dirt.

You were once loved,

Are you now free?

You were once brought into a curtain,

To be kissed by me.

We were hidden from the world,

Are you finding solace in your darkness?

Love has many roses

Upon the trail, where life grows wildly.

Arrows point everywhere

To strike diamonds across

Lonely fields,

Where beauty wields

A shape, for me to yield.

For I see something dark across your face,

As I have to notice, between the lace

Of a veil,

Where beginnings meet, and endings trail

Over clouds, where we should have sailed.

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