Poem – “Unbecoming of your Eyes” – Romance – 4/30/2020

What was it, that let you loose

Upon the stones, held on by the noose?

Was it your simple yearning

To see where the ocean travels?

To see the startled birds, as you dove across

To watch the tides pass by?

I saw your lips smear the sand with scarlet,

Though, I figured it to be the sun's highlight.

I saw your hair streak the sand with darkness,

Though, I saw your soul do the same

To the sky above me.

Believe me, when I called to you,

I thought you still alive.

The blood simply boiled high enough, to find the clouds,

To set you free.

You caught the wind,

Hung on by a string

With a wedding ring upon your finger.

A cruelty is to each of those who cannot see you

Upon the cross at night.

Like a bird, you found a way on high,

On wings as gold as twilight,

When the moon combines with the stars

In every ivory hue.

Simply do not

Ever be encased

In the cage, as you might

Not ever escape.

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