Poem – “The Whole of my Pain” – Romance – 5/4/2020

Something leaves wounds open

Like the cracks in the soil, to make the rivers.

Something forms time,

Though it will not come.

Something creates sounds for listener's ears,

Though I am deaf.

With all of my pain,

I hold my future, in rotting hands.

I speak with brittle words,

Reciting delicate verses.

I write down the memories of something timeless

That did come,

Full of sounds,

I did hear,

Coming through as tears,

I did feel, breaking the dams of my eyelids.

Leave the lakes to form,

I will do,

In remembrance of you.

Why was it so simple to dream in the night

Of a face dressed in white?

Of a face now marred by tears,

It is hers, in the light.

It is now so hard

To dream in the day.

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