Philosophy – “A Choice is a Deception” – Pt. 2 – 5/5/2020

What most will not recognize is that “choice” does not accompany a person’s mind, in terms of doing the right thing. No one contemplates doing the right thing. If one sees a hurt person on the road, and their instinct is to not help them, and to keep driving, it was ONLY ever because they thought they might make the situation worse. The fact is, a person CANNOT contemplate on doing the right thing. The only choices that ever occur in the world, are those that creates negative consequences. The will to protect, the will to love, becomes second nature to a person, whenever someone whom they care about, is in danger.

Once again, there is no choice in doing the right thing. Anything related to choice, relates to the breaking down or the destruction of things. That is because everything about a choice relates to contemplation. Everything about contemplation and inner debate and inner struggle, references an issue. By doing the right thing to solve a problem, one never needs to take time to decide that. It is an instant jump into action, to do what is needed to be done, so that the issue is solved. Any more thinking on the matter, will only create further questions, because further questions creates further issues and confusion. Continue to question whatever you are doing, and you’ll never reach the peace you most desire.

Humans make choices only to destroy. Humans do what is right, at the instant they do it. Though, why is it that humans cling to choice? That is because humans are beasts. We are savages. We live not in a civilized environment, though a semi-civilized environment, with our phones and other gadgets, deluding ourselves into thinking we’ve improved life. The only thing we’ve done is created a change, as random as any breeze that crosses the ocean. It is that small.

And yet, like any human, I accept it. We all should accept it. It’s the only thing we should accept about ourselves. That, we can make all the changes in the world, though at our core, we remain the same. Whatever choices we make, merely proves us humans to remain like old conquerors of territory, where we want to gain something that we call our “identity”.

We thrive on division, as simple humans. If one disagrees, then why did Nature decide to split Pangea, the super-continent that prehistoric creatures lived upon, before humans came around? Perhaps Mother Nature knew, has a mind of her own, that us humans would be perfect for split territory making up separate continents. That, for such split territory to make Africa, Europe, Asia, and all the others, we’d be the perfect inhabitants.

2 thoughts on “Philosophy – “A Choice is a Deception” – Pt. 2 – 5/5/2020

  1. In fact, it makes sense when you connect “contemplation” to how I referenced making a choice as “creating negative consequences”.

    Doesn’t a person, when they are in contemplation, “break down” the matter into individual pieces to understand?


    1. “Creating negative consequences” relates to “breaking things down”. Making things more fragile… or something like division, that I also described in this post.


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