Poem – “The Compassion of Love” – Romance – 5/6/2020

Walk with me,

I implore  you,

Through busy sunrises

Where eyes meet

Like when the moon eclipses the sun.

Your face upon mine,

Lips nestled and entwined.

Your white against my blaze,

As I see through the fog and haze.

I lifted myself

From shallow smog

In a city's atmosphere of heat.

I wanted you,

When all I could do was sleep

Through the night.

I never saw you,

As my heat only ever rested beneath the Earth,

Beneath the sheets.

Of soil at my feet,

Of every deserving treat

I wanted about you, in my sleep.

I am the sun, while you are the moon,

I am the lighthouse, that holds no true spark

To guide the infinite into existence.

Wherever a home is,

Love has a way

To see the day.