Philosophy – “Diversity is the View of the Surface” – 5/8/2020

For those who say that diversity sees more than appearance, they would be wrong. Diversity focuses on appearance, and nothing more. Artificial diversity is objectively different from natural diversity. Natural diversity, that exists among the the varied species in a wilderness, is different from a bio-engineered species meant to exist in that same wilderness only for a specific purpose.

Natural diversity has its place among familiarity. Artificial diversity has its place among the unfamiliar. To imagine it like a UFO landing in someone’s backyard, the life-form that exits from the UFO would not be familiar to humans. That unfamiliarity is the artificial diversity. It is the notion by which the view of the alien creates fear, not acceptance. One does not accept the unfamiliar into their presence, any more than someone would just allow the person dressed as a burglar into their home.

Then, to see the surface of a person, only means that anyone whose focus on diversity is prominent, is someone who does not see anything deeper. Anything deeper, that would reflect someone’s heart, someone’s intellect, is beyond sheer diversity. All that person, whose focus is solely on diversity, means to see is their appearance.

Anyone who can see the person simply for their appearance, never make it as a primary focus, can indeed make it as a secondary focus. That is, those appearances will be seen for an instant, only for their eyes to pass through to view something better. Though, when a person’s sight is upon appearance, through the desire to have the world more diverse, it is they who enforce prejudice.

The focus, as that term is the only thing worth nothing about this, is what makes someone see what they see. Whatever they see, is their focus. If their focus is on diversity, then their focus is on appearance. If their focus is past simple diversity, then they will see something beyond diversity, that goes into the heart of a person.

Nothing is so alien as something we simply haven’t seen before. Therefore, everything forced about diversity, is merely the ongoing compliance with and for prejudice.

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