Poem – “Let me Devour you” – Romance – 5/9/2020

Let me open your velvet chest

To see your golden heart.

Let me bite the apple

To make into existence, our sin,

Our plunge,

Into the deepness,

Into the openness

Of our hands,

Both our hands

Upon the heart of yours.

You see everything, from above.

You bleed everything, far below

To make the shallow puddles, where you can see yourself

Grown, like the empire at my fingertips.

Here is something we know of ourselves,

The mirror at our feet,

The water beneath

Our eyes, shows the castles from the sky.

I'll devour my sight,

While you'll devour your own.

You'll taste Heaven,

While I'll taste the salt of the ocean

That has made me aware of you,

Lost in depths,

Held in hands, as firm as all beauty to be encased

In the minds of all men,

Except in the heart of me,