Poem – “Somewhere, in your Eyes” – Romance – 5/11/2020


In the falling rain,

I see droplets that come down

Heavier than the storm presses my skin.

You are within the lights

Of this nighttime city.

You hold the moments across

The roads that are filled by the ocean.

Within your lips

There is memory to taste,

There is pain to satiate

My tongue in its perspiration.


In your heart,

You will dry up the sun,

For your form can burn out the coldest flame.

I want to love

Without a mind that directs me to sadness,

So that I may lift you to curves,

Beyond the discarded angles of yourself.

I want you to see the horizon

Without the tears.

Lay with me,

Atop the frozen landscape,

So that a flame can burn beneath us,

As gentle as the stream I've created

From idle tears of joy.

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