Poem – “Waking up to your Sight” – Romance – 5/11/2020

Like the sun when it rises,

I am awed by your radiance.

A warm morning

Has spilled upon your bare breasts

Streaming highlights,

Caught by the sun,

Created by the sun.

Like the sun when it rises,

You have risen

From quilts in the color of ivory,

From me, now where I am seated

In the bed of passion.

Love sails a boat over your shoulders

In the wind from an open window,

Brought in, with the scents of a garden

Below the heightened sash.

With that, your hair is flurried into a storm,

Your eyes gleam to the image of temptation,

While the morning collapses into a shadow,

I still see your nudity.

You stretched arms to reach the sky,

You allow the room to be filled with your aura,

Your displacement is a kind placement

In the center of this room,

Where I hear the birds call out to you.

I will bring you back

To kiss you.

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