Poem – “The Bible Told Her Tale” – Romance – 5/13/2020

Adam and Eve

Put her to sleep

By a rosy flame

In the nested deep.

I swore I could lose her

Before sunrise,

For her sickness swelled,

As her chest rose and fell

With laboring breaths

Of a winded bird.

Adam and Eve saw the snake

I was,

Told me that they'd obey

Whatever I said

On command of the dead.

Soon, no mountain did reach its peak,

No breast did raise in her sleep,

Her beauty folded over in the palest sleek,

While I showered tears upon my feet.

I listened to my cries,

Shortening my goodbyes

To a mere fallen whisper.

When Adam and Eve inquired my presence,

Knew my grief to be false,

Knew my dread

To come from a cloud far above my head,

It was not one creator of love,

Who took her above.

It was a man,

With broken hands,

Who instead,

Brought her bread, made from answers unsaid.

Alien he was,

Though knew himself to never exist.

A mere pauper

Loved and watched her die,

To rain from himself the boldest goodbye.

I said to Adam and Eve

To let her be.

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