Poem – “To Kiss you where you Lay” – Romance – 5/15/2020

Darkened complexion
Is mine for the telling of sadness.

She dropped off my arms
To the stillness of the Earth,
Frozen in a comparison
To where she found a new bed
For her form to lay,
For her lips to say,
"This is the end."

My angel has fallen,
Loosened upon the weight of pain,
Tightened upon the grasp of a rope.
It was hung about her neck,
While she swung.

I now kiss her where she lays
Deep in the mire.
Though where my lips laid
Did not spark any fire
To forge her life in my arms,
In everything I knew.

I carry a mere weight in my arms,
Not the woman I loved,
Not the peace that had been offered
To a heart made of silver.

A single kiss
Upon the breathless lips,
Then the world becomes the heaviness.