Occult Philosophy – “Progress Breeds Uncertainty” – 5/25/2020

“The train of progress stifles possibility at its end. The person who found, through progress, that it would create limitless potential, will find by its end it was, in fact, limited in its supply. Each mortal life is confounded to its ending, as that last stop for the train of progress will be the realization by all life, that progress yields nothing great, except for a realization of personal weakness.”

– Anonymous

No mortal life can ever not fear death. Yet, among all things mystical, from vampires to the Necromancer, communing with the paranormal, it is only such beings and their innate interest in death, that makes them not wanting to die, themselves. Any mortal life, becoming immortal, becoming undying by the “train of progress” will cause the cessation of the fear of death. Therefore, without a great interest in death, in creating nightmares, no person will live a dream of a positive nature.

A dream to a nightmare. Where the former, being a dream, relates to a mortal human living in fear of death, as the latter, being a nightmare, relates to an immortal human living in fear of life.

Why has the vampire become that of undeath, or the Necromancer gained an interest in death? It is because they fear life, they fear a dream, and they fear a positive world to grow into their garden of blood.

All great scientists have said something similar to the words, “We wish for progress, the practical means of applying healing to wounds, to be unending in its potential. We want the impossible to become possible, by such practical methods.” Yet, one by one, life becomes death, in the same way that ignorance destroys knowledge. Humans are indeed betrayed by scientists, without in the realization that the only way for a human to turn the impossible to being possible, is through a realization of personal weakness. Submission, that is, to give up on creating nightmare, and instead focus on creating a dream, in life. For one will create their own horrors, when they believe that not love, but sheer change, sheer perspective, can mold impossibility into possibility.

How many scraps of flesh will there be? Endless amounts, though only accounting to be endless numbers. An infinite Pi chart is all there will be, not the oneness that love presents upon the mortal life.

Upon the mortal life, a human has an interest in life only because they fear death. To imagine progress as unending in the immortal human, is to misunderstand that the immortal human would have an immense interest in death. That interest in death, will be the possible from the impossible, because the one and only thing that the word “possible” relates to, is death. By creating death from the impossible, an immortal human believes immensely that power should not have limits. It is because death is the vision of the possible, that all achievements could be made through undeath, from humans never dying. It is an idiotic vision that will result in mass suicide among humans.

As the impossible relates to life, we realize that power is both temporary and to be limited. That is because the only power we may attain, is through life, alongside the fear of death. We make the most of what we have, while our lives are young.

Within the fear of death, we are mortal. Within the fear of life, we are immortal. It is to be assumed from here, that depression’s greatest enemy, is perseverance and strength.

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